India vs England: Kevin Pietersen’s “Got MS Dhoni In My Pocket” Remark Gets Epic Response From Zaheer Khan

Feb 7, 2024

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen, who is part of a team of cricket pundits in India, had a fun chat with Zaheer Khan during the Vizag Test. Zaheer and Pietersen, who have been working as experts for the India vs England Test series, dive into the past as Pietersen explains how he has the great MS Dhoni with Pakistan's Kamran Akmal in his pocket. But, little did Pietersen know about Zaheer's emphatic comeback, which reminded the former England skipper of Yuvraj Singh, who had achieved unprecedented success against him during his active playing days.

The conversation started when Pietersen claimed to perform better than Dhoni on the cricket field. But Zaheer immediately reminded him of how many times Yuvraj, who was also a part-time bowler, had managed to get him out on the 22-yard strip.

Here's how the conversation went:

Kevin Pietersen: You know who else is in my pocket here? The great Mahendra Singh Dhoni. At the same time, he is next to Kamran Akmal.

Zaheer Khan: You know I met Yuvraj Singh recently and he was talking about Kevin Pietersen being there.

Kevin Pietersen: Yes, I knew it. I knew you were going to say that.

Kevin Pietersen: Yuvraj caught me several times.

Zaheer then recalled that Pietersen had given Yuvraj a nickname (Pi Chakar) and the India all-rounder also used it as his e-mail ID.

Zaheer Khan: I remember he (KP) also gave him (Yuvraj) a special nickname.

Kevin Pietersen: Yes, and for some time he also used it as his e-mail ID. We've had some great battles, some beautiful battles on the field and that's what happens when you play for so long. The good thing is that you can talk about it and enjoy it. This is the same thing that a guy like Ashwin will do to Ben Stokes when his career is over. They must be laughing and joking like this.

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