India Vs England Test Series: ‘You have lost the plot…’: Geoffrey Boycott slams England’s Bazball mentality | Cricket News

Feb 7, 2024

New Delhi: Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott accused of England He made a scathing assessment of his performance in the second Test against India, calling the team “lost in the plot” and criticizing his overly aggressive batting approach.
Boycott, writing in his column for The Telegraph, criticized England for their reckless pursuit of attacking cricket, particularly in the chase of 399 in the fourth innings. He argued that England's “baseball” mentality, symbolized by Brendon McCullum And ben stokesCaused their downfall.

“Baseball is great entertainment when it comes out. But once you believe in the ideal rather than the substance you lose the plot.” Disfellowship Wrote highlighting England's tendency to prefer aggression over tenacity.

To indicate Joe RootAfter a stormy innings of 16 runs from ten balls, Boycott regretted Root's departure from his usual restrained approach, and attributed his dismissal to a misguided attempt at aggressive strokeplay.
Boycott emphasized the failure of England's attacking mentality, saying, “Joe Root was dancing down the pitch trying to hit it over the top and soon he had it in the air. He only scored 16 runs.”
Boycott also criticized England's extensive batting philosophy, suggesting that the influence of Twenty20 cricket had led to a mentality where every ball must be attacked aggressively, as if cricket's answer to baseball.
Boycott highlighted the team's departure from traditional Test cricket principles, saying, “Twenty20 cricket seems to have got into their heads and has made them think that every ball has to be an aggressive stroke, a sweep, a swipe or a cross-“. Runs should be scored with bat shots.”
Despite England's valiant effort in the fourth innings, Boycott questioned the team's approach, stressing the importance of substance over style in Test cricket. He cited England's previous struggles in Ashes series, where a similar approach had led to defeat.
“You would have thought England had learned from giving away the Ashes last summer. 'Gung ho' batting at Edgbaston and Lord's lost two Test matches,” Boycott recalled, blaming England for building big innings rather than aggressive shot-making. Urged to give priority.

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With the series tied at 1–1, Boycott urged England to re-evaluate their approach ahead of the Third Test in Rajkot, stressing the need for a more balanced and measured batting performance.
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