“Indias Only Zero Waste Food Industry”: Video From Coconut Factory Has Internets Attention


Waste management and food waste pose significant challenges. Whether it’s waste from homes or factories, managing waste can be difficult, especially for workshops in remote areas with limited resources. Well, some food industries are setting new standards with their zero-waste policy. Recently, food content creator Amar Sihori, known for sharing insights into food-making processes, posted a video about what is reportedly “India’s Only Zero Waste Food Industry.” It is none other than a coconut processing plant located in Tiptur, a city in the southern part of Karnataka.

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In the video, the vlogger explains how every part of the coconut is utilised, leaving no waste. He highlights that this coconut industry is the only one in the country with zero wastage. The outer hard shell of the coconut is used to make charcoal, while the coconut water is used to produce coconut vinegar. The shredded coconut peel is used to make a type of oil, and the milk is used to prepare virgin coconut oil.

The soft insides of the coconut are turned into coconut flakes and coconut powder. The video shows workers packaging each product carefully for sale. Additionally, coconut shell charcoal is shown being dried and hardened in a large area.

This efficient use of resources ensures that no part of the coconut goes to waste.

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People have given a shout-out to the industry’s zero waste management. 

A user wrote, “Pure gold from nature. Mustard is another example..every part of the plant is used for human and animal consumption.”

Another suggested the “rice industry, sugarcane industry, corn and milk industry” as examples of industries that potentially generate zero waste.

“Its peel is also used to make a special brush for polishing utensils,” said a person.

“Cockpit is another thing that is prepared using coconut shells,” read a comment.

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