India’s phenomenal tech leap has thrown up enormous opportunities: Amitabh Kant


India's G20 Sherpa, Amitabh Kant, said significant reforms have successfully positioned India for growth and hope in a world riven by global turmoil. In a discussion with Times Internet Vice President Satyan Gajwani and Zscaler CEO Jai Chaudhary, Kant talked about India's unique and transformative approach. digitization A country of 1.4 billion people. He also highlighted how large-scale technology adoption has transformed banking in India, leading the country to fast-track payments worth Rs 128 billion by 2023, the highest in the world.
“India has taken an unprecedented technological leap, and this is a huge result opportunity For people like Jai because cyber security is going to be the next big thing in India,” Kant said.
Speaking on India's digital infrastructure, Gajwani said, “Today represents India's strength globally. India has been very receptive to technological innovation and enabling bots. “In other markets we see a lot of conservatism about new technology.”
Highlighting what sets India apart, Chaudhary said, “India is bringing together some of the best minds to set up these major agglomerations, but the government does not run everything. “The private sector gets involved and sets the standards, which is wonderful.”

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The discussion was part of #TheIndiaDialog 2024, organized by Stanford University from February 29-March 1, focused on strengthening Indo-Pacific relations. Kant, former CEO of NITI Aayog, elaborated on PM Modi's vision of Startup India and how it led to the quantum leap of over 100 unicorns in the country.
Kant also spoke on India's G20 achievements in building consensus on issues like Russia's war in Ukraine, climate change and debt sustainability. He noted the challenges India faces in terms of manufacturing output and agricultural productivity, but said he strongly believed they could help the country build on its strengths – a growing youth population, a strong focus on technology and a commitment to clean energy. Provide an opportunity to take advantage. To make our place in the new world.
Earlier, in his opening remarks for #TheIndiaDialog 2024, Consul General of India K Srikar Reddy introduced its theme: 'The Elephant Moves: India's New Place in the World.' He stressed the importance of the event, especially in view of the upcoming general elections in India.
The conference included panel discussions, keynote speeches and fireside chats across a wide range of topics, including sustainability, education, nutrition, health care, recovery, urbanization and culture. In the discussion about India's performance and future prospects, the panelists emphasized that ongoing process reforms in key areas can have a significant impact on India's advancement. Experts also stressed the importance of a strong India-US partnership with China beyond political issues. Advocating a shared vision and diverse trade partnerships, he underlined the potential benefits of stronger Indo-Pacific cooperation in an increasingly interconnected world.

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