Innovative 12-week module introduced for class one students in UP


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh education Department is launching a special initiative to prepare children who do not have formal access pre-primary education Through a specially designed 12-week readiness program.
Under this, children who have directly enrolled in class one this year will be taught pre-literacy, pre-numeracy and social skills through a series of activities.
This 12-week sports-based module is a transitional aid to help students transition smoothly into physical classes for the first time. A government spokesperson said the program aims to fill the gap in pre-primary education.
“Children in schools will be encouraged to learn through play. The readiness program follows the NEP which emphasizes on pre-primary education.
“Pre-schooling is an important strategy for training young children school readiness, Special efforts are made by the department to strengthen early childhood education systems,” the spokesperson said.
The state government is also presenting NCERT books For classes one and two from the new session. School preparation helps children develop the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed in school and continue learning later in life.
Physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development are an essential component of school readiness. To reach out to more and more children, the department will also run programs in children's gardens. Additionally, the first 15 days of the new session from April 1 will be spent in admissions and orientation programs for parents.

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