IOC Calls For Olympic Truce As Flame Lit In Ancient Olympia For Paris 2024


International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and other top IOC officials called for world peace on Tuesday during the flame-lighting ceremony for the 2024 Paris Olympics in Ancient Olympia, Greece. The Olympic flame burning for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games began its journey on Tuesday after being ignited at the birthplace of the Games in ancient Olympia during the traditional lighting ceremony.

Actress Mary Mina, playing the ancient Greek high priestess, lit the torch at 12.16pm (local time) in front of the 2,500-year-old temple of Hera, the goddess from ancient Greek mythology. He prayed to God to bring peace to the world and help the French city host the successful games, Xinhua reported.

“Apollo, god of the sun and idea of ​​light, send your rays and light the sacred torch for the hospitable city of Paris, and you, Zeus, give peace to all people on earth and offer wreaths to the winners of the sacred race,” he said.

Due to overcast skies, he used a backup flame instead of a concave mirror to light the torch. “In ancient times, the Olympic Games brought together Greek city states, even – and especially – during times of war and conflict. Today, the Olympic Games are the only event that brings the entire world together in peaceful competition. Brings together.

“Then, as now, Olympic athletes send this powerful message: Yes, it is possible to compete fiercely against each other and at the same time live peacefully under one roof,” Bach said before the flame lighting ceremony.

Hellenic Olympic Committee President and IOC member Spiros Kapralos also sent a strong anti-war message in his speech. “We are urging all countries to implement the ceasefire,” he said.

Mayor of Ancient Olympia Aristidis Panagiotopoulos said, “From here we are sending an authentic message of world peace. We are calling on all warring parties to respect the sacred light and the (Olympic) truce.”

The Olympic Truce is a tradition originating from ancient Greece that dates back to 776 BC. A “ceasefire” was declared before and during the Olympic Games to ensure that the host city state (Alice) would not be attacked and that athletes and spectators could travel safely to the Games and return peacefully to their respective countries. Can return to.

In 1992, the IOC renewed this tradition by calling on all countries to observe a ceasefire during the modern Games. The ceasefire was revived by UN Resolution 48/11 of 25 October 1993 as well as the United Nations Millennium Declaration Relating to World Peace and Security.

“The Olympic flame spreads the eternal values ​​of peace and solidarity,” Tony Estanguet, president of the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, said in an address.

During Tuesday's ceremony, the High Priestess lit the first Olympic torch of the Games and handed it, along with an olive branch, to the first torch bearer, Greek rowing gold medalist Stefanos Natouskos. In parallel, as the flame began its journey a dancer released a white dove to spread the Olympic ideals of friendship and peace to the world.

“We wish for the Olympic truce and the prevalence of peace around the world,” Artemis Ignatiou, choreographer of the lighting and handover ceremonies, told Xinhua.

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