Iran will bear consequences for any escalation, Israeli military says


New Delhi: Iran will tolerate consequences If he wants to increase tension in the area, israeli army Said on Saturday, Israeli army continues high alert,
“Iran will have to face the consequences of choosing to further escalate the situation,” the rear admiral said. Daniel Hagari Said in a statement.
“Israel is on high alert. We have increased our preparedness to protect Israel from further Iranian aggression. We are also ready to respond,” Hagari said.

This statement was issued following a previous statement regarding the seizure of a ship between the United Arab Emirates and Iran.
This comes as Israel prepares for a possible direct attack from Iran targeting the southern or northern regions of the country within 24 to 48 hours.
In response to these heightened tensions, the U.S. Embassy in Israel has implemented a travel ban for government employees and their families, limiting personal travel to Israel's central regions, Jerusalem, and Beersheba until further notice.
In a stern warning, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday described the airstrike as an attack on Iranian territory and declared that Israel “must be punished and it will be given”.

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