Iran’s foreign minister affirms support for Hezbollah amid escalating tensions in the region

Feb 10, 2024

Beirut: Foreign Minister of IranHossein Amirabdollahian pledged to support the militant Hezbollah group when he arrived in Beirut on Friday. He emphasized that lebanon security Closely linked to Iran and the region. Representatives of Hezbollah as well as the Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad welcomed Amir Abdullahian, their main supporter, and Iran. extremist groupThe United States is urging Israel to put pressure on Israel to stop its offensive in the Gaza Strip.
Hezbollah launched attacks on Lebanon's border with Israel on October 8, breaking 17 years of relative peace. It came a day after Hamas launched its attack on southern Israel, sparking the ongoing war. Hezbollah officials have said that as soon as Israel stops its attack on Gaza, they will stop their attacks on Israeli military posts.
In a statement to journalists at Beirut's Rafik Hariri International Airport, Amirabdollahian praised Hezbollah and the resistance in Lebanon for their courageous and effective role in the conflict. He also reaffirmed Iran's continued strong support for the resistance in Lebanon, and described the country's security as vital to Iran and the region. Amirabdullahian is scheduled to meet with Lebanese officials and hold talks with Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah.
Before they reached Beirut, Syrian state media reported that the country's air defense units had shot down two drones near the capital, Damascus. The military statement, without giving further details, noted that the drones originated from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. An airstrike targeted an airport in the Mazzeh neighborhood of Damascus, after an Iranian cargo plane landed at the base, according to an opposition war monitor. The monitor did not specify whether there were any casualties. It is noteworthy that thousands of Iran-backed fighters are present in Syria, who are supporting Syrian government forces during the long-running civil war. While Israel rarely acknowledges its actions in Syria, it has acknowledged targeting targets of Iran-aligned terrorist groups and even individuals in Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard.

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