ISI plot: Ghori, elusive mastermind of Akshardham attack, appears in video, calls for war against India


ISI has made an elusive revelation Terrorist Farhatullah Gauri, the mastermind He got a video released in which he called for several terrorist attacks, including the attack on the Akshardham temple in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat in 2002. war against india, blonde He is on the target of Indian agencies after his fingerprints emerged in the investigation of several terrorist attacks. Last year, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had said on record that Islamic State inspired module was busted by them which was being run by Gori who was impersonating a IS Recruiter,
Gori appeared to have disappeared until 2019 when he was found to be active on Telegram and other encrypted chat applications, releasing a series of videos to brainwash the youth while he remained invisible. online radicalization campaign Prompting agencies to go after him. Ghori, who is known by the nicknames Abu Sufiyan and Sardar, is from Hyderabad. He was designated an individual terrorist by the Indian Home Ministry in 2020. Without any fear, he continued to work in the shadows from Lahore and never came forward. Even America and Interpol could not find any photograph of him.
Intelligence sources suspect that his video appearance may mean ISI conspiracy To disturb communal harmony before the Lok Sabha elections. “Most of the high-profile terrorists are under surveillance and Pakistan is playing safe with the sword of FATF hanging over them. Now with Ghori coming forward, Pakistan can escape responsibility by claiming that he was a runaway Indian and deny as usual. Could their presence on their soil,” an intelligence officer said.
Over the past two years, Indian intelligence agencies have blocked the Facebook page and Telegram channels used by Ghori. The Telangana Counter-Intelligence Unit had also intensified its crackdown against the preacher. Sources said that Ghori and his team were not only brainwashing the youth in the name of IS, but were also creating pages of Jaish-e-Mohammed and Al-Qaeda to attract the youth. “He also operates as a terror financier and is using a network of accounts on Facebook, Telegram and YouTube to call on Muslim youth in India to revolt against the country. Selected for trial operations “Small amounts of money are also sent to people through hawala.” an anti-terrorism policeman said.

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