Israel besieges two more Gaza hospitals, demands their evacuation, Palestinians say


New Delhi: Israeli Defense Forces surrounded two hospitals in Gaza on Sunday, deploying medical teams under heavy shelling.
Israeli armored forces sealed Al-Amal Hospital and carried out extensive bulldozing operations in the area around it, the Red Crescent said in a statement.
“All our teams are at extreme risk at this time and are completely inactive,” the statement added.
Palestinian Red Crescent said one of its employees was killed when Israeli tanks suddenly rolled into areas around the al-Amal and Nasser hospitals in the southern city. khan younisAmidst heavy bombardment and firing.
said this israeli army They were now demanding the complete evacuation of staff, patients and displaced people from the Al Amal compound and were throwing smoke bombs into the area to drive out its occupiers.
Denying allegations of using hospitals for military purposes, Hamas accused Israel of war crimes against civilian targets.
The Israeli military said its forces were targeting “infrastructure” in Khan Yunis, which is used as a gathering place for many militants. The IDF further said that hospitals in the Palestinian territories have often been used as strongholds for Hamas terrorists. Sheltering bases and weapons.
Israel also said in a statement that it had captured 480 militants in the ongoing fighting at Gaza's main Al Shifa hospital.
The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said dozens of patients and medical staff had been detained by Israeli forces in Al Shifa in Gaza City, north of the enclave, which has been under Israeli control for a week.
At least 32,226 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air and ground attacks on the densely populated coastal region since October 7, the health ministry said in an update, including 84 in the past 24 hours and 74,518 injured.
Hamas wants any ceasefire agreement to include an Israeli commitment to end the war and withdraw troops from Gaza. Israel rejects this, saying it will continue fighting until Hamas is eliminated as a political and military force.

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