Israel Uncovers Tunnels Under Gaza City UN Agency HQ | World News

Feb 10, 2024

Gaza City: Israeli army says it has discovered tunnels below the main headquarters of united nations agency to Palestinian refugees in Gaza City, alleging that Hamas militants That place was used as a power supply room.
The unveiling of the tunnels marked the latest chapter in Israel's campaign against the embattled agency, which it accuses of collaborating with Hamas. Recent Israeli allegations that a dozen staff members took part in the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel left the agency in financial crisis. The agency says Israel has also frozen its bank accounts and barred aid shipments.
The army invited journalists into the tunnel on Thursday. This did not definitively prove that Hamas operated in the tunnels beneath the UNWRA facility, but it did show that at least a portion of the tunnel passed beneath the facility's courtyard. UNWRA says it had no knowledge of the facility being underground, but the findings deserve “independent investigation”.

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