Israel warns 4 European countries against Palestinian statehood recognition


Jerusalem: Israel told four European Countries Said on Monday that his plan to work towards recognition of a Palestinian state is a “reward for terrorism”, which would reduce the chances of a negotiated solution to the conflict between the neighbours.
Spain said on Friday that, in the name of Middle East peace, it agreed with Ireland, Malta and Slovenia to take the first steps towards recognizing the statehood declared by the Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Is of.
Gaza has long been under the rule of the Islamic group HamasThat rejected peace with Israel and attacked it on October 7, triggering a devastating war that has stoked violence in the West Bank, where Israel has extensive Jewish settlements.
“Recognition of a Palestinian state following the October 7 massacre sends a message to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations that deadly terrorist attacks on Israelis will be responded to by political gestures to the Palestinians,” Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Twitter.
“The resolution of the conflict will only be possible through direct negotiations between the parties. Any engagement in the recognition of Palestinian statehood only creates distance in reaching a solution and increases regional instability.”
He did not tell what kind of resolution he had in mind. Israel, whose ruling coalition includes the pro-settlement far-right, has long rejected Palestinian statehood. This has put it at odds with Western powers who support its goal of defeating Hamas but want a post-war diplomatic blueprint.

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