Israeli airstrikes in Rafah result in deaths of 28 Palestinians

Feb 10, 2024

Rafa: Israeli air strikes There has been significant loss of life in the city of Refaresulting in the death of at least 28 people Palestinians, The airstrikes were carried out early Saturday following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement exit Among the millions of people in Rafa. The announcement caused panic among residents, as more than half of Gaza's population is concentrated in Rafah. Many of them have been repeatedly uprooted due to Israeli evacuation orders. The situation is critical, as displaced civilians have limited options to seek protection.
Tension has been increasing between Netanyahu and the Biden administration since last week. US officials have expressed concern that an offensive on Rafah without proper planning for the civilian population could lead to a humanitarian disaster.
Rafah has been the target of frequent Israeli airstrikes, despite civilians having been instructed to take shelter there. In recent attacks, 28 people, including 10 children, were killed in three air strikes on residential houses. In the neighboring city of Khan Younis, Israeli forces targeted Nasser Hospital, resulting in casualties and hindering the movement of medical staff.
The rising death toll of Palestinians, now about 28,000, has strained relations between Israel and the US after a four-month war. While Israel accuses Hamas of using civilian areas as bases for attacks, US officials are calling for more precise strikes.
Netanyahu's office said Rafah, on the border with Egypt, is Hamas's last stronghold in Gaza. The Israeli government believes that eliminating Hamas requires intensive military action in Rafah as well as a massive evacuation of civilians. However, the displacement of civilians remains a significant challenge, as the Israeli offensive has caused widespread destruction throughout Gaza.
Additionally, Egypt has expressed concern about a potential influx of Palestinians crossing the border, as this could jeopardize the long-standing peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. The border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, which remains mostly closed, serves as a vital entry point for humanitarian aid.
The population of Rafah has increased significantly due to the displacement of people from other parts of Gaza. The city, which had a pre-war population of about 280,000, is now housing an additional 1.4 million people who have taken refuge with relatives, in shelters or in tent camps.

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