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Feb 7, 2024

Beirut: Israeli attacks on Syria'S chiefs of mission Five people, including three civilians, died on Wednesday war monitor said, with Syrian Defense Ministry Reporting an unspecified number of civilians killed.
“Five people, including three civilians – a woman, a child and a man – have been killed and seven others injured in Israeli attacks on a building in the Hamra neighborhood of the city of Homs,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The first four tolls are being updated.
The identities of the two non-civilian casualties were unknown, the monitor said.
The Syrian Defense Ministry reported that “the Israeli enemy launched airstrikes from the direction north of Tripoli (Lebanon) targeting several sites in the city of Homs and its countryside… killing and injuring many civilians”.
Syrian state television shared footage of rescue workers combing the debris of a collapsed building and carrying someone away on a stretcher.
Earlier, Syrian state television reported an “Israeli attack” on central Syria in the Homs province.
Last week, the United States launched strikes on Iran-backed groups in Syria and Iraq, killing dozens, in response to a deadly attack on its troops in Jordan.
Israel also attacked targets in Syria twice that week. Israeli strikes on Friday killed three pro-Iranian fighters south of Damascus, according to the Observatory, with Iranian media reporting that an adviser to the Revolutionary Guards was among the dead.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said eight people, including pro-Iranian fighters, were killed in Israeli strikes near Damascus last Monday.
During Syria's more than decade-long civil war, Israel carried out hundreds of airstrikes in the country, mainly targeting Iran-backed forces as well as Syrian army positions.
But since the war between Israel and Hamas started in Gaza on October 7, such attacks have intensified.
Israel rarely comments on individual attacks targeting Syria, but has repeatedly said it will not allow Iran, which supports the government of President Bashar al-Assad, to expand its presence there.
Since 2011, Syria has endured a bloody conflict that has left more than half a million people dead and millions displaced.

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