“Italian Dal Dhokli” – Womans Cook Makes Pasta In Chole Gravy, Internet Reacts

Feb 8, 2024

Many of us love to experiment with new flavour combinations and give fresh twists to our favourite dishes. One of the most popular choices for these experiments is pasta. Given that it’s versatile, easy to cook and now widely available in stores, this comes as no surprise. In India, many of us are familiar with “desi pasta”. One version of it currently making the rounds online involves it being cooked in a classic Indian gravy. In the Instagram reel shared by @chandlersharesfood, we see a pan full of cooked farfalle mixed with a brownish ‘sauce’. The text on the video reads, “When your cook makes pasta in chole ki gravy”. Take a look at the clip below:

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The Instagram post has received more than 4 million views so far. The comments section has exploded with a wide range of remarks. While some were against the idea, others thought that the dish would taste good. Several people could also relate to being forced to eat such unexpected fusion foods. Swiggy Instamart also commented on the reel. It wrote, “He: Italian khana hai ya desi? [He: Do you want to eat Italian or Indian?] She: yes!”

Read some of the other reactions below:

“Italian Dal dhokli.”

“It’ll taste fine lol just close your eyes and have butterfly chole.”

“Indo-Chinese is heaven but no not this don’t want haldi in my pasta.”

“My mom with random ideas on a Sunday afternoon when I say I’m hungry.”

“I can understand and relate strongly.”

“Confusion remains about whether to have it with some roti/paratha. Or to have it as it is like chowmein.”

“I like the fusion idea of your cook. Next MasterChef contestant!”

What did you think of the viral fusion? Would you be interested in tasting it? Let us know in the comments below.

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