J K Rowling sparks controversy again, claims Nazis never burnt books on trans health


New Delhi: JK Rowling spark flared up on wednesday Controversy On X he posted comments denying this Nazis “Books on trans healthcare and research burnt”.
Rowling was responding to a post which said – “The Nazis burned books “On transhealthcare and research, why are you so eager to maintain their ideology around gender?”
Questioning the source of the post, he said, “I just…how? How did you type this and not think 'I should probably check my source for this, because this must have been a fever dream', this How did you press send without thinking?”

The comments drew responses from
The post said, “On May 6, 1933, a Nazi student group marched to the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin. Along with members of the SA, they ransacked the institute and looted its library and archives.”

It added, “A few days later, the stolen books, artworks and clinical files were destroyed in several public book burnings held across Germany.”
Hitting back at these claims, the Harry Potter author said, “None of your articles support the contention that trans people were the first victims of the Nazis or that all research on trans healthcare was burned in Germany in the 1930s. You are engaged in lying, Alejandra.”
Responding to the claim that all the research was lost because “the Nazis burned it”, Rowling said, “I heard there was something about puberty blockers in Revelation, but Leviticus made them leave it out.”
It comes two days after Rowling's post sparked controversy on Britain's Mother's Day. The post read – “Happy Birthing Parent Day to all those whose large gametes were fertilized, resulting in tiny humans whose gender was determined mostly by doctors taking lucky guesses.”

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