Jack Black ready for ‘School of Rock’ sequel


A scene from 'School of Rock'

A scene from 'School of Rock'

Actor and comedian Jack Black says he's open to making a sequel to “School of Rock,” but with one condition: The original film's writer Mike White has to be involved.

Directed by Richard Linklater, the 2003 comedy-drama revolves around Dewey Finn (Black), an amateur rock enthusiast who works as a substitute teacher at an elite school.

When asked about a possible “School of Rock 2”, Black said he was “ready”.

“I want there to be 'School of Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo,'” the 54-year-old actor told news outlet Joe, referencing the sequel to the 1984 dance musical “Breakin'.” Black said it would be great if White could write a follow-up film but he was busy working on the hit HBO dark comedy series “The White Lotus.”

“You know Mike White wrote the first one and he's a genius. And we have to get Mike White back to work, but he's really busy right now with 'White Lotus,' the best show on TV,'' he added.

Following its critical and commercial success, “School of Rock” was adapted into a hit Broadway musical, but a film sequel has yet to be greenlit.

The film also stars White, Sarah Silverman, Joan Cusack, Stephanie Finocchio, Kevin Clark, Miranda Cosgrove, and Rivkah Reyes.

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