Janhvi Kapoor, Rumoured Boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya And Orry Climb Tirupati Balaji Temple On Knees. Watch


Janhvi Kapoor, alleged boyfriend Shikhar Pahadia and Ori went down on their knees at Tirupati Balaji temple.  Watch

Screenshot from the video posted by Auri. (courtesy: youtube)

New Delhi:

Janhvi Kapoor, who often visits holy temples, went on a special pilgrimage to Tirupati Balaji temple earlier this month. She was also accompanied by her alleged boyfriend Shikhar Pahadia and his close friend Ori. This temple is close to his heart as his mother and late actress Sridevi used to visit this place often. On her birthday (March 6), Janhvi sought blessings, marking her 50th visit to the holy site. Ori documented his pilgrimage in a vlog, highlighting the three-hour climb, which was a “new achievement” for him. Describing Tirupati as a “futuristic destination”, Ory noted the availability of snacks and beverages like many other holy sites along the way. From the trio's South Indian feast to the actress posing with fans, everything was captured in the video.

In one clip, Janhvi Kapoor can be seen climbing the stairs with ease on her knees. Ori, on the other hand, had difficulty climbing the stairs after a three-hour journey. During the climb, Ori humorously channeled her inner Tulsi Virani and invited the cameras to follow her expedition. The actress looked gorgeous in a pastel colored kurta with white pants. Janhvi Kapoor celebrated her birthday in a chartered plane on the way back home. Ori also shared glimpses of her cake cutting ceremony.

In the description of the video, Orry wrote, “In this episode, Janhvi Kapoor invites her best friends Shikhar Pahadia and Orry aka Orhaan Avatramani to celebrate her 27th birthday. But cake and balloons Instead of celebrating with, Janhvi has something more mysterious and special in mind.” , Jhanvi wants Shikhar and Ori to go with her on a deeply personal spiritual journey to the Tirupati Balaji temple in search of enlightenment in the misty forests of Tirumala. Does it seem easy? no way. The temple floats at a height of 3000 feet above the valley and is accessible only on foot. Led by Jhanvi, an experienced pilgrim (and cardio queen), the trio race towards the peaks at sunset, making their way through the clouds to reach their destination hours later.”

“After participating in sacred ancient ceremonies and festivities, an old friend of Jhanvi's but a new friend of Ori's gives them the chance to break their fast with a lavish South Indian feast. Ori, famous for her fashion flair, wears traditional Trades in his Versace for Veshti – angavastram, embracing the culture with a touch of humour,” Ory concluded.

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