Joe Biden calls Putin ‘crazy SOB’ and hits Trump on Navalny remarks | World News


chairman Joe Biden called the Russian President Vladimir Putin A “Crazy SOB” and Criticized Donald Trump For comparing himself to recently deceased Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny,
“we have a Crazy SOB That guy like Putin and others, and we always have to be concerned about nuclear conflict,” Biden said at a San Francisco fundraiser on Wednesday.
Referring to the Republican leader's challenge to his re-election bid, Biden said he doesn't know “where it comes from,” Biden said, referring to Trump comparing himself to Navalny.
“I'm surprised by the things that are being said,” Biden said. “I mean, if I had stood here 10, 15 years ago and said any of these things, you all would have thought I would have committed Needed.”
Biden is on a three-day tour of the West Coast, including fundraising events in Southern and Northern California, which will add to the $130 million his campaign has raised through the end of January.
Tuesday night at Fox News Town Hall, trump compared his legal troubles to Navalny's fate, described the Russian opposition leader's death as a “very sad situation” and said his four criminal prosecutions were politically motivated.
Former President stopped criticizing Putin In his comments.
White House spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that a “major sanctions package” against Russia would be announced on Friday, including penalties against Putin's regime following Navalny's death and the invasion of Ukraine, now in its third year. Will enter.
Approval of additional aid to Ukraine for its war with Russia is embroiled in partisan debate on Capitol Hill, with House lawmakers in recess this week.
Biden is scheduled to attend two fundraiser events on Wednesday. Twilio Inc. co-founder John Wolthuis and Sea Change Foundation co-founder Nate Simons were among scheduled attendees at the first event, according to a person familiar with the matter, while Gordon Getty, son of oil tycoon Jay Paul. Getty was second on the guest list.

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