Joe Biden’s campaign joins TikTok, even as administration warns of national security concerns with app

Feb 12, 2024

Washington: President Joe Biden2024 Campaign now on TIC Toceven if he expressed National security concerns Banned it on the platform and on federal devices. Aides said neither Biden is expected to attend the forum in person, nor are his other Administration, The account will be run entirely by the campaign team in an effort to reach voters across the increasingly divided American population, especially as younger voters are turning away from traditional platforms. The inaugural post quizzed the president about the Super Bowl — and also included a reference to the latest political conspiracy theory centered on music superstar Taylor Swift.
Both the FBI and the Federal Communications Commission have warned that TikTok owner ByteDance could share user data – such as browsing history, location and biometric identifiers – with China's authoritarian government. Biden banned the use of TikTok by about 4 million federal government employees on devices owned by their agencies in 2022, with limited exceptions for law enforcement, national security and security research purposes. The secretive and powerful Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has been reviewing the app for years.
Campaign officials said they were taking advanced security precautions and incorporating security protocols to ensure safety, but they did not provide details of the measures — or information about whether the measures would protect campaign data or voters. Were for.
According to a law implemented by China in 2017, companies will have to give any personal data related to the country's national security to the government. There is no evidence that TikTok has turned over such data, but like other social media companies, it collects large amounts of user data, which has led to fears.
Biden's campaign said the BidenHQ account would regularly post content on the platform.
Biden's campaign maintains a presence on Meta Threads, Instagram, Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, and Truth Social, the platform supported by Republican front-runner Donald Trump.
The President's campaign is prioritizing social media activities as well as smaller events featuring the President's appearances to reach targeted voters who they believe do not engage through traditional outlets. The campaign and the White House have also stepped up outreach to social media influencers they believe can amplify the president's message.

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