Jonathan Glazer’s ‘The Zone of Interest’ Oscar speech did not get the thumbs up from a pro-Israel producer


Jonathan Glazer (R) delivers his acceptance speech with producers Leonard Blavatnik (C) and James Wilson (L).

Jonathan Glazer (R) delivers his acceptance speech with producers Leonard Blavatnik (C) and James Wilson (L). Photo Credit: Mike Blake

Amidst the post-Oscars conversation and speeches and reflection on the winners, there remains a controversy surrounding Jonathan Glazer's acceptance speech. area of ​​interestWhich won the Best International Feature award at Oscars 2024. However, from the report hollywood reporter There are suggestions that one of the film's producers, Len Blavatnik, did not sign off on Glazer's statement.

Glazer's remarks during the acceptance speech, which touched on the themes of dehumanization and exploitation of Jewish history in light of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, sparked immediate debate and criticism. While Glazer intended to speak for all producers, it was revealed that he did not consult Blavatnik regarding his comments.

Len Blavatnik, a billionaire who has significant stakes in the film industry and is involved with Israeli issues, including a controlling interest in an Israeli television channel, maintained his composure during Glazer's speech. However, a spokesperson for Blavatnik clarified that she was not consulted on the content of the speech.

Leonard Blavatnik attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards

Leonard Blavatnik attended the 96th Annual Academy Awards. Photo Credit: Arturo Holmes

Lisa Shields, representing Blavatnik, emphasized her pride in the film and its accomplishments, but stressed that her lack of involvement in preparing the speech was intended to avoid detracting from the film's themes.

Blavatnik's diverse portfolio, ranging from aluminum smelting to real estate and entertainment investments, has established her as a leading figure in a variety of industries, including film production. He is associated with projects like Hacksaw Ridge, Silenceand recent for upcoming love, lies and bloodshed And problemistShows his influence in Hollywood.

The disconnect between their political affiliations and the values ​​adopted by some filmmakers associated with their projects (many of whom are notably pro-Palestinian) has also invited scrutiny of their role in the industry, which trades between artistic expression and financial support. Points to possible stress.

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