‘Juni’ movie review: A decent film on dissociative personality disorder that needed better execution

Feb 8, 2024

Prithvi Ambar and Rishika Naik in a scene from 'Junie'

Prithvi Ambar and Rishika Naik in a scene from 'Junie'. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Four years ago, Kannada romantic tragedy DIABrought actor Prithvi Ambar to fame. Since its huge success, Prithvi has chosen concept-based scripts rather than the usual stories. Although it is encouraging to see an emerging actor looking for unique content, Prithvi can only move forward if his passion for quality cinema is supported by filmmakers who turn his novel ideas into engaging films.

if his without sugar It was about a young man, Prithvi's, battle with diabetes. Doordarshan The 1980s explored the importance of television. In this week's release juneThe actor plays chef-cum-cafe owner Parth, who falls in love with Juni (Rishika Naik), a sketch artist suffering from dissociative personality disorder (commonly called multiple personality disorder). The shy and introverted Juni is controlled by two more personalities: the adventurous Mansi and the aggressive Chaki, “who thinks and behaves like a man.”

Juni (Kannada)

Director: Vaibhav Mahadev

Mould: Prithvi Ambar, Rishika Naik, Vinay Prasad,

Runtime: 138 minutes

Story: Parth, an easy-going café owner, falls in love with an artist named Juni, but later discovers that she has multiple personality disorder. Will love stand the test of social stigma?

Director Vaibhav Madhav has made a simple attempt disintegrative personality disorder, and that's what makes june It is different from other famous Indian films that deal with this mental health condition. In a touching scene, Juni breaks down in front of Parth and insists that her condition is not something people should be afraid of. just like inside Lamp, Prithvi gets a character who mostly plays second fiddle to his female counterpart, and the actor is completely comfortable as a man tied up in an unconventional relationship. He clearly represents an ideal man who is sensitive to his girlfriend's condition. Despite slipping at a few places, debutant Rishika does justice to an intriguing role.

Director Vaibhav Madhav gives concrete reasons for the birth of both the personalities of Juni. However, he fails to give them the same depth and attention as he does in writing Juni. The scenes depicting Mansi's personality are poorly executed; An important scene reminds us of Vikram switching between two personalities in the Tamil hit many,

june Not as large scale as S Shankar's film Nor as focused as Fazil's Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu, and yet, it could have been a well-rounded film with its own merits if its focus had been on its secondary characters, who gain prominence in the final act. The tumultuous relationship between Parth's parents is handled half-heartedly.

The film loses its grip when it stops being a female-centric story and focuses on Parth. june What turns out to be an average commercial film is that it gives its hero a chance to change himself. Had this plot come with enough build-up, we might have rooted more for the protagonist.

The uneven pace of the film is another drawback. The film starts off slow as the director tries to create a feel-good drama between the lead characters, but the drama is not that strong. june It picks up a good pace when the central conflict is introduced, but loses momentum due to the drama at the end.

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june Joins recent Kannada films like corresponding tadbhava And Kondana case Due to its potential not being fully realized. There are great moments in these films, but they struggle to come together as a whole. His luck is not entirely bad as he gets praise in the OTT space, where people's expectations are low. He said, those who see june Will not be completely disappointed on the big screen.

Juni is currently running in theaters

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