Just A Silsila Of 10 Romantic Film Dialogues


Valentine's Day 2024: Just a series of 10 romantic film dialogues

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happy Valentines Day! It's a day to celebrate love in all its glory and we believe there's no better way to celebrate the day than reliving some of the most iconic romantic dialogues from Bollywood. Dialogues in Indian cinema have always held immense memorable value. From classic tales of unrequited love to epic romances that overcome all obstacles, Bollywood has gifted us moments that scream romance and these scenes are almost always supported by strong dialogues. These dialogues are so popular that they are now a part of our regular lives. On Valentine's Day, here are 10 iconic dialogues that keep our hearts racing.

1. Many people love, but no one can love like me, why no one has you – tomorrow may or may not happen.

Translation: Many people love, but none of them can love like me. Because you have no one else.

Aman, a dying man [Shah Rukh Khan] helping his friend rohit [Saif Ali Khan]Another friend confesses his love to Naina [Preity Zinta], Hunt? Both men love the same woman. To help Rohit express his love, Aman snatches Rohit's diary, supposedly filled with love notes but with blank pages. So Aman uses his words to read the blank pages. Thus, two men confess their love to the same woman at once and we get a romantic scene for the ages.

2. I have tried so hard to get you, every fiber of my being has tried to get you – Om Shanti Om

Translation: I've worked so hard to have you that every particle in the universe has conspired to unite me with you.

This line was said by drunk Om Prakash Makhija [Shah Rukh Khan, again] From Calmness Love declared in all its glory. Over the years it has also been used to describe ambition, hope and the pursuit of happiness by fans, who have accepted the conversation wholeheartedly.

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Anjali, you won't understand / Love is friendship – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Translation: Something unsaid happens, Anjali, you will not understand/Love is friendship.

From these dialogues something happens Have become an indelible part of pop culture. While in the first dialogue Shah Rukh Khan's Rahul is struggling to put into words the vastness of the feeling of love, in the second dialogue the same Rahul simplifies love to its most nascent form – friendship.

4. Love is not done after thinking… it just happens – the heart wants to.

Translation: You don't plan or think about falling in love… love just happens.

from this dialogue heart desires It's been a favorite for years, thanks to how simple yet profoundly true it is. This is a lesson for one of the characters, who has always been a skeptic when it comes to romantic relationships.

5. Watch your feet. She is very beautiful. Don't drop them on the ground, they will get dirty – pure

Translation: your feet. They are beautiful. Do not keep them on the ground. They will get stained.

This classic line and the scene associated with it are considered one of the greatest moments of romance on celluloid. The beauty is that there is only a woman in this scene [Meena Kumari], who is the object of love and desire. The words of praise come in the form of a letter, which is placed at his feet, like one makes an offering to a deity. The letter begins with an apology for tracking her feet and is signed, “life partnerWhich translates as a companion as well as a traveller.

6. True love happens only once in a lifetime… and when it happens, no god or goddess allows it to fail – Veer Zara

Translation: True love happens only once in a lifetime… and when it does no God or higher power lets it fail.

Shahrukh Khan as Veer Pratap Singh in epic romance Veer Zaara He makes his bold declaration and proves its veracity by his actions throughout the rest of the film.

7. Mother and my loneliness, we often talk about this, how would you have been if you had been there, you would have said this, you would have said that, you would have been surprised at this thing, you would have laughed so much at that thing, if you had been there then this would have happened, if you had been there. It happens like that – sequence

Translation: I and my loneliness often talk about what it would be like if you were here. You will say this, he will say that. You might be surprised by this, you might laugh at it. My loneliness and I often talk about how it would be if you were here.

These words of Javed Akhtar, spoken in the baritone voice of Amitabh Bachchan, are the cinematic standard for expressing love and loss. In continuation, it serves as a declaration of affection between separated lovers married to different people. While circumstances are grey, words are pure gold.

8. If she loves you, she will turn and look…turn…turn! – Those with heart will take the bride.

Translation: If she loves you, she'll flip… flip… flip!

Another classic Shah Rukh Khan moment, this dialogue and scene gave the ultimate meet-cute, “now we're dating” moment to an entire generation. This is simple If a girl likes you, she will smile back. If she doesn't do this, she will continue to move away. It's a stretch, some would argue, but Shahrukh and Kajol add a lot of charm to the scene and it helps.

9. Fates change, times change, dates of countries change, emperors change…but in this changing world, the person whom love embraces…that person does not change – Mughal- A-Azam

Translation: Destinies change, eras change, fortunes of countries change and emperors change… but the only entity that remains unchanged in this transitory world is the one who is covered with love.

If that heavy-handed line isn't enough, let us add that it's being proclaimed to an angry emperor by his son, a prince, who is in love with a courtesan. There is no one better.

10. When one is in love, there is no right or wrong – Jab We Met

Translation: There is no right or wrong when one is in love

Quite a simple line is said by Kareena Kapoor to Aditya played by Shahid Kapoor in the romantic hit Geet When we met. The only problem is that she is talking about his mother who has left Aditya and eloped with her lover. So at that time the essence of that line is lost, but it sticks with him and helps him in his journey of self-realization.

What is your favorite dialogue from a movie? Tell us in the comments.

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