Just The Kids And I Winging It

Feb 11, 2024

Zeenat Aman on completing one year on Instagram: 'Just the kids and I'm winging it'

Picture shared on Instagram. (courtesy: jeenatman)

New Delhi:

On Sunday, veteran actress Zeenat Aman, who debuted on Instagram in February last year, shared her thoughts on completing one year on the platform and revealed that it has been a transformative journey for her. On the special occasion, the actress reflected on her Instagram journey and wrote, “People assume transformative experiences are the privilege of the young. My experience tells me otherwise. 365 days ago my kids inspired me to upload my first Instagram post Did. That small leap of faith forced me to confront my deep tech anxiety and even deeper need for privacy. Then it gave me the gift of a transformative year. It forced me to be true to myself in public. Showed up to be. No agent, no manager, no purchased followers – just kids and me winging it! Oh, and what kids they are. If you wonder how I navigate Instagram Or know the latest language, the answer lies with my informal little group of millennials.

He signed off on the post with thoughts on change, and emphasized that age should never be a hindrance to personal growth. He wrote, “So, here is a thought from this septuagenarian – changes demand that we embrace the unknown. And there really is no age limit on when you can change your life. Happy anniversary to you and me. Please eat a piece of cake from me today. PS: Like my first post, this was also shot yesterday in my garden by @tanya.agarwall_. The clothes are from my wardrobe, and of course I did my own hair and makeup.”

Take a look at Zeenat Aman's post:

Zeenat Aman had earlier achieved an important achievement by sharing her 100th post on Instagram.

This is the post we are talking about:

Now take a look at the actor's first Instagram post:

Ever since Zeenat Aman debuted on Instagram, her posts have become the talk of the town. From on-screen nudity to parenting tips, celeb privacy to sartorial choices, Zeenat Aman adds her insights to every post. The actor is known for his performances in films like Don, Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Hare Ram Hare Krishna.

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