‘Kalvan’ trailer: GV Prakash takes on a herd of elephants in this actioner


GV Prakash in a scene from 'Kalvan'

GV Prakash in a scene from 'Kalvan'. Photo Courtesy: Think Music India/Youtube

Trailer of GV Prakash Kumar's upcoming film, Kalvan, is here. The action drama directed by cinematographer PV Shankar also stars Bharathiraja, Ivana and Dheena in lead roles.

The trailer starts with a news announcement about a herd of elephants that has entered the Panamakadu forests through the Kadambur forest. Due to this, the villagers of Iruttipalayam are being ordered not to go into the forests. And this seems to have created the perfect opportunity for GV Prakash and Dheena's characters to put their 'plans' into action, details of which are vague in the trailer. Soon, as expected, the main characters encounter a herd of elephants.

From the film's title (meaning thief) and the trailer, it seems as if the film asks who is the real thief: the humans who encroach on the forest or the forest inhabitants who take back what is rightfully theirs?

Written by Shankar and Ramesh Ayyappan, kalvarn It also stars G Gnanasambandam and Vinoth Munna. The film's cinematography is by Shankar himself, editing is by Raymond Derrick Crusta, songs are composed by Prakash and music is by Reva.

Produced by Zee Delhi Babu under his Axis Film Factory Production banner, Kalvan It is set to release in theaters on April 4.

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