Kamal Haasan on ‘Indian 2’, ‘Manjummel Boys’ and ‘Thug Life’: ‘I’m a limelight moth’


Look Kamal Haasan on 'Indian 2', 'Manjummel Boys' and 'Thug Life': 'I am a limelight'

Kamal Haasan is currently in a mental zone full of political and campaign thoughts. His focus is on the general elections to be held in Tamil Nadu on 19 April.

With his political avatar making headlines, cinema icon Kamal Haasan is currently on the backseat. But only for the next month or so. Because after this Kamal will start shooting for Mani Ratnam's film. thug Life, a much-awaited collaboration for Tamil cinema fans. There's more in store, as Kamal tells us in a candid chat hindu Office during a recent visit. Part:

Kamal Haasan at 'The Hindu' office in Chennai

Kamal Haasan at 'The Hindu' office in Chennai. Photo Credit: Johan Satyadas

A lot is being said about your political moves, but let's discuss your first love, cinema. Vikram It was released two years ago in 2022, and you were missing on the big screen in 2023. How are you going to make it up to your fans in 2024?

we have completed both indian 2 And indian 3, The post-production of the first part is happening now, and the post-production of the next part will happen after that. shooting of thug LifeMy election campaign will start soon after. I also have a guest role in a movie called KalkiAnd so, I think I've compromised to some extent.

Vikram took us back to yourself Vikramand recent malayalam movie sweet boy took us back to you fold, It seems as if giving a 'hat tip' to Kamal's old films is the formula for success these days…

I am very pleased with it. I am a limelight bug. I'm grateful for the hat tip sweet boy The team, and it's a boost for me, Ilaiyaraaja and the venue.

As someone who has been at the forefront of innovation and supporting technology to aid cinema, how do you see the marriage of AI with the film industry?

Let me go back a bit: when satellite TV came, my own guru was on the opposition bench. I always thought of it as a related industry and soon it became another branch of the film industry in terms of revenue.

Kamal Haasan in a scene from 'Vikram'

Kamal Haasan in a scene from 'Vikram'

Years later, I anticipated the arrival of OTT players and wanted to be the first to do so by releasing Vishwaroopam Straight to home, because, for me, it's all about constantly expanding the demographics of my audience… If there's a screen on a wristwatch, I'd like to appear on it. But, some people demanded a ban because they had invested heavily in theaters and felt it was competition.

He tried to buy the film, but we disagreed on the method of payment. I stayed away because the entire industry is involved in such transactions, and I am promoting it for no reason other than personal gain. This is the real reason behind the ban Vishwaroopam, This was not because it was anti-Muslim; Anyone who has seen the film will know that this is not so.

AI is a new technology and we have to adopt it. We have to take care of the livelihood of artistes, especially in a field like cinema, where there is no such thing as VRS or pension.

Kamal Haasan on the sets of the film Marudnayagam with Queen Elizabeth at MGR Film City in 1997

Kamal Haasan on the sets of the film Marudnayagam with Queen Elizabeth at MGR Film City in 1997. Photo Courtesy: Balaji N, The Hindu Archive

When we met AR Rahman, he said this about you, “I feel as if he has been stuck in this industry for many years. This is a good thing for us; But for that… I don't know. I asked him to make an English film. How do you react to his comments?

MARUDHANAYAGAM There was an effort in that direction. It was trilingual – in Tamil, French and English. Even then there was political interference; He thought it promoted a Muslim ancestor for the freedom struggle rather than Mangal Pandey. But, MARUDHANAYAGAM Qualifies for more; The first Sepoy Mutiny took place a hundred years ago as is now shown. It took place in Madurai in 1757 and the leader of that rebellion was Marudhanayagam alias Mohammed Yusuf Khan.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a film city in Poonamallee. What will be your vision and expectations for this project?

It should be an international center of learning, because we are the largest film producing country in the world. I want an organization that improves the quality of films. Malayalam cinema is moving ahead of us because they know about international cinema. I want the faculty to be international, like we did in the IT industry, and once we study under the master, we can move forward.

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