Kate Hallett and Herman Tommeraas to star in teen thriller ‘Sweetness’


Kate Hallett (left) in a scene from Sarah Polley's Women Talking.

Kate Hallett (left) in a scene from Sarah Polley's Women Talking.

women talking Breakout star Kate Hallett and Ragnarok Sensation Herman Tommeras set to headline upcoming teen thriller sweetnessDirected by Emma Higgins.

Hallett plays 16-year-old Riley Baker, whose chance encounter with her idol, pop star Peyton Adler (played by Tomares), uncovers a dark truth of addiction and dysfunction. As Riley attempts to help Peyton, her well-intentioned efforts turn into a terrifying journey where teenage dreams are met with horrifying consequences.

filming for sweetness Expected to begin production next month in North Bay, Ontario, the film marks Higgins' first feature film as both director and writer. Expressing his passion for horror, Higgins emphasized the film's ability to unsettle audiences, echoing the experiences of his youth.

The cast includes Aya Furukawa, Amanda Brugel and Steven Ogg the walking dead, Fela and When We Were produced by Kids Entertainment, led by Taj Critchlow and Daniel Quinn, sweetness This marked the beginning of Fela's foray into feature film production, following a series of successful music video ventures with industry giants such as Drake, Rihanna, and Kendrick Lamar.

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