Katy Perry Handles Wardrobe Malfunction On American Idol Set Like A Boss


Katy Perry handles wardrobe malfunction like a boss on American Idol set

Katy Perry in a scene from the video. (Etiquette: katy perry,

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Singer-actress Katy Perry faced an unpleasant surprise on the set American Idol When she faced a wardrobe malfunction during the shooting. While filming the live episode, Katy Perry's top suddenly broke down the side during contestant Roman Collins' performance, forcing the star to hide behind a table. As the Romans sang it's a man's world, Katy Perry's outer garment came open. Taking this to heart, Katy Perry later told Roman Collins: “That song… umm… broke my top… I guess it's a woman's world!” Referring to the title of the track he sang. Even as Katy Perry's co-judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie seemed shocked by what was happening, it was host Ryan Seacrest who first spotted the singer struggling with her top, which was a metal Can be described as equipment. “Katy, don't cut yourself!” he said to Katy Perry, referring to the sharp edges.

Things took a ridiculous turn when Luke Bryan joked, “Ratings, ratings, ratings! We got the ratings!” Luke said, causing Katy Perry to hide behind the judges' table and Katy also joined in the joke and declared, “It's a family show!”

The wardrobe malfunction has been confirmed in a video shared by Katy Perry on X. In it, the singer is surrounded by her team, who are working to fix the top. Then she says, “I need to keep my top on. If this isn't fixed, this show is going to get more than it should.” Singer Luke Bryan also appears briefly in the video, scissors in hand and ready to help – but easily gives up. Katy Perry is also seen holding a pillow to cover her torso at one point.

Along with the video, she wrote, “My top broke the #statue.”

This isn't the first time Katy Perry has had costume trouble on set American Idol, Earlier this month, she appeared in a figure-hugging Bottega Veneta dress at the show. While Katy looked like a rockstar on stage, she shared a video after the shoot in which the singer is seen struggling to take off the dress. “I can't take this dress off,” she says in the video, as she sits on a chair in defeat. While someone in the background suggests they can “cut it,” Katy claims “you can't cut Bottega.”

In the caption, Katy Perry wrote with a sad face and scissor emoji: “We're chopping kids on #Idol but you can't chop Bottega.”

katy perry will be out American Idol after the current season [season 22], He has been on the judging panel of the singing reality show for seven years.

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