Kremlin says any new ‘colonial’ US aid to Ukraine won’t change frontline situation


Moscow: the Kremlin said on Thursday that no new US military aid For ukraine The situation would not change at the front where Kiev's forces were in poor condition and such aid was given as part of a “colonial” policy that enriched the United States.
Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson has said he will hold a long-awaited vote on the new aid package as early as Saturday. The proposed package includes $60.84 billion, of which $23.2 billion is to address the conflict in Ukraine. It will be used to replenish US weapons, stockpiles and facilities.
While the EU has promised more overall aid, the United States has made the largest military contribution ever to help Ukraine fight Russia,
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Ukraine not only has to fight to benefit the Americans, it also has to fight to the last Ukrainian and is burdened with debt.” “The Preferred Colonial Policy of the United States.”
Peskov said that “a very significant” part of the proposed aid would remain within the US military-industrial complex.
Peskov said of the aid package, “All experts and semi-experts can now see with the naked eye the situation at the front, which is not favorable for the Ukrainian side, so it cannot change anything.”
Russia controls about 18% of Ukraine western leaders And spy chiefs say the war is at a crossroads that could lead to victory for Russia and humiliation for the West unless Ukraine gets more immediate support.
Russia's war against Ukraine has caused the worst crisis in relations between Moscow and the West since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, according to Russian and American diplomats.
Ukraine, backed by the West, says it is defending itself against Russian imperial-style land grabs. Russia says the United States tried to push Ukraine into the West's orbit and then use it to threaten Russia.

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