Legendary Kannada actor-producer Dwarakish no more



Dwarkish. , Photo Courtesy: Sampat Kumar GP

Famous Kannada actor, producer and director Dwarakish passed away at his Bengaluru residence on Tuesday. He was 81 years old.

Dwarakish, who started as an actor with his maternal uncle Hansur Krishnamurthy heroic resolve In 1964, he first made his mark as a comedian before becoming a prolific producer under the banner of Dwarakish Chitra in the Kannada film industry. His first production, collaborating with Dr. Rajkumar and director Siddalingaiah, mayor muthanna was a hit, and went on to become a classic.

Dwarakish's association with actor Dr. Vishnuvardhan is considered one of the most successful combinations in the Kannada film industry. He produced and acted in hit films like Vishnuvardhan kittu puttu (1977), singaporenalli king rinse (1978), guru disciple (1981), gargantuan rinse (1986) and Aptamitra (2004).

As a director, Dwarakish launched Vinod Raj, son of popular Kannada actress Leelavati. dance king dance, He gave a hit film with Vishnuvardhan as director Rairu Bandaru Mawana Manega, Dwarakish Chitra, which saw a lot of highs and many lows, produced more than 50 films.

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