Leigh Whannell’s ‘Wolf Man’ goes on floors


Leigh Whannell.

Leigh Whannell. , Photo Credit: Jason Blum/X

Leigh Whannell's filming Wolf Man It has started. The film stars Christopher Abbott and Julia Garner in the lead roles. Whannell first created The invisible man.

In the film, Abbott and Garner play mother and father, and they are threatened by a stalker. Abbott and Garner acted together before Martha Marcy May Marlene. Garner started his acting career with that film.

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Written by Leigh, Corbett Tuck, Lauren Shuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo Wolf Man. The film will be released on October 25 Wolf Man Endorsed by Jason Blum. The film is executive produced by Ryan Gosling, Ken Kao, Bea Sequeira, Mel Turner and Whannell.

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