“Like An Airplane On A Runway”: R Ashwin’s Brutal Assessment Of England’s Bazball


India defeated England in the five-match test series© AFP

The recently concluded Test series between India and England was a tough test for the baseball style of cricket that was made famous by Ben Stokes' team under coach Brendon McCullum. The visiting team won the first Test in Hyderabad but lost the next four matches completely and lost their first series in the 'buzzball' era. Veteran spinner Ravichandran Ashwin pointed out a major flaw in buzzball as he explained in his latest YouTube video that no format of cricket can be played in a uniform pattern and lack of adaptability is the biggest problem for the England team. It has become.

“Test cricket, or any other form of cricket for that matter, cannot be played on a runway like an aeroplane. We can't step on the pedals and increase speed until we take off! It's just like driving on highways. Sometimes, when I think about it, is it because of how they drive in England? Driving in England is a pleasure. No one comes in between. You can continue driving in the same lane. We cannot overtake on the left. They never expect unexpected things. If they see something unexpected, they crash. I think they would be very confused if they saw how we drive in India,” Ashwin explained.

“In India you cannot always drive in fourth gear. We keep changing gears. We always keep one foot on the brake. This concept is alien to them! Crowley always gets the momentum, but can't keep it going. Buzzball is all about transferring pressure onto opponents. But what happens after the pressure is transferred? They should be like, 'We have to pay them!' If they succeed in doing so, the game continues. Because of our inexperience (in our ranks), this series could have gone their way. He had a big opportunity. Even before coming here, they were trailing 0-2 in the Ashes and were tied at 2-2. Then they looted Pakistan in its own house. But this series defeat is something that Ben Stokes and Co. can learn from.

Meanwhile, taking nine wickets in his 100th Test match helped Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin regain the top spot among bowlers in the latest ICC rankings on Wednesday.

Ashwin was at his best during the Dharamsala contest against England, with the experienced right-handed batsman taking four wickets in the first innings and then five in the second innings for the 36th time, leading India to a spectacular victory in the fifth and final Test . Of their series.

The ICC said in a statement that the huge achievement helped Ashwin overtake teammate Jasprit Bumrah to reach the premiership, which he held earlier this year.

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