Limitless AI Pendant With AI-Powered Audio Recording and Transcription Features Launched; Features, Price


The Limitless AI Pendant, a wearable device designed to record everything said around it, was unveiled by the company on April 15. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered device offers a unique form factor and is designed to help users remember important information, eliminating the need to rely on note-taking. The device has a double aluminum body and a magnetic clasp. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and has a USB Type-C port for charging. Limitless has revealed that the AI ​​pendant will ship to customers in Q4 2024.

The company announced the device through a video post on YouTube on Monday. Dan Sirocer, CEO of Limitless AI, said,[..] We are introducing Limitless. It has a web app, a Mac app, a Windows app, and a wearable app. Limitless is a personalized AI, driven by what you see, say or hear. Unlimited enhancement does not replace human intelligence with artificial intelligence to overcome the limitations of the brain, especially our memory and our focus.

Unlimited AI Pendant price and availability

Available in eight different color options including black, blue, green, grey, navy blue, pink, white and yellow, the price of the Limitless AI Pendant starts at $99 (approximately Rs 8,270). The company is currently accepting pre-orders and shipping will begin in the fourth quarter of 2024. The device can be used without a recurring subscription, but to access the full set of AI features, users will have to pay an additional $19 (approximately Rs 1,600). ) One month for 'Limitless Pro' subscription. The company is currently accepting pre-orders and it will ship between October and December 2024.

Unlimited AI Pendant Features

The wearable pendant acts as a recording tool that records everything said around it. Using AI algorithms, the device can intelligently recognize and record only spoken words, not ambient sounds or background noise. It can also isolate different speakers. Recording capability is only half of the entire Limitless offering. The second part is a companion app that is available on macOS, Windows, and as a web app.

The recordings are saved to the cloud, and once the session ends, the device saves and stores the recordings on a server that can be accessed through the app. The app also provides information in the recording in four different formats – supporting context, transcript, notes and summary.

Context gives a brief outline of the interaction with specific keywords while summary provides a detailed description of the events. The transcript is a raw transcription of the entire conversation, and the notes provide timestamps for ease of searching.

Talking about the specifications of the wearable, it is a flexible clasp with magnetic ends that can be worn as a pendant or clipped to clothing. When folded, the width of the device is 31.9 mm and thickness is 16 mm. The company claims that the device offers 100 hours of battery life and it supports USB Type-C charging.

The Limitless pendant is equipped with multiple microphones that help it capture audio. The device turns on a visible LED light to indicate when it is recording. It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to sync data with apps and cloud.

Limitless also focuses on privacy. The company has added a consent mode where the device records voice only after the speaker gives verbal consent. It can recognize consent through contextual language, so users don't have to break the flow of conversation.

For data security, the company has introduced Confidential Cloud, which is a secure cloud server where data is encrypted and stored but is not accessible to anyone except the user. This is similar to how Telegram and Signal store end-to-end encrypted data that can be accessed across different devices but remains private to the user.

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