‘Lover’ movie review: Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya shoulder an intense yet intriguing relationship drama

Feb 9, 2024

Manikandan and Sri Gauri Priya in a scene from 'Lover'

Manikandan and Sri Gauri Priya in a scene from 'Lover'. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

It may not be a big deal for a person to learn to ride a scooter but for Prabhuram Vyas Lover, Kala (the wonderful Geetha Kailasam), mother of our hero Arun (Manikandan), finally learning to ride a scooter feels like a personal triumph. Learning to do something new, trying something that is considered a bad habit, or even understanding one's own future in a relationship and attempting course correction, is an integral part of growing up and this is Prabhuram's story. Doubles as the plot of. Lover,

Lover Tells us the story of Arun and Divya (Shri Gauri Priya), two completely different individuals who are connected by their affection for each other. Uranus is like a rock off the coast – stubborn, old-school and steadfast, with its ideals set in stone. She is like the waves – boisterous, free-spirited and dignified. Every time they meet, it's the union of an unstoppable force and an immovable object, and it's everything from explosive to devastating.

Lover (Tamil)

Director: Prabhuram Vyas

Mould: Manikandan, Sri Gauri Priya, Kanna Ravi, Geetha Kailasam, Harish Kumar, Saravanan

Runtime: 147 minutes

Story: After being in a relationship for six years, a couple tries to face reality in their own ways

LoverAt least on a superficial level, it might seem like a series of fights between two conflicting personalities that resolve to start over again on their own unless one of them tries to stop the loop. Perhaps this is why the film works more in terms of its hidden moments within scenes rather than its overall performance. Be it when Arun finds out that Divya is lying and he heroically goes to confront her, but gets a puncture on the scooter midway, or when Divya blocks Arun on social media and he searches for her on Google. Pay's messaging function, some moments from the film are not only touching and adorable, but they are also extremely relatable to couples struggling with contemporary relationship obstacles.

Manikandan and Sri Gauri Priya in a scene from 'Lover'

Manikandan and Sri Gauri Priya in a scene from 'Lover'. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

While what the two lead characters go through isn't particularly balanced – which is probably the story of every relationship – Prabhuram does a good job of humanizing the characters amid the extreme highs and disappointing lows of their relationship. While we know very little about Divya, we know every aspect of Arun; From his caring, hard-working mother and a useless father who has another family to his gang of friends. Although the film tells us about the toxic environment that resides within Arun, it neither ignores that toxicity nor glorifies it. Despite an array of supporting actors, the filmmaker has carved each character neatly, and the one who stands out is Kanna Ravi's Madan.

The most entertaining scene in Lover When Arun is interacting with his gang of friends – like the hilarious scene where Arun confuses OCD with OCB rolling papers. The film spends a lot of time showing its heroes confronting and consoling their friends, and the filmmaker does a fantastic job of showcasing both contemporary relationships and friendships. The fact that the best scene of the film does not involve the two lead actors but is actually a phone call between Divya and Kaala shows the strength of the script.

Be it the parallels, Shawn Roldan's beautiful score that elevates the mood of the film, or some stellar performances from the entire cast, especially Manikandan and Sri Gauri Priya, there is a lot in the film that keeps you watching beyond its minutes. It forces you. Shortcomings. LoverLike a slice of warm apple cider served with a scoop of ice cream, is a captivating story of a new-age sour-sweet relationship that works well because of its sensible and practical approach.

Lover is currently running in theaters

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