‘Madgaon Express’ movie review: Frisky comedy finds heart in excess


A scene from 'Madgaon Express'

A scene from 'Madgaon Express'. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

In one of the funniest scenes heart desires, Mohit rich kid Sameer Moolchandani (Saif Ali Khan) gets a taste of the real Goa. Christine, a fair-faced girl who had seduced him on the beach, robs him, blinds him and runs away. In a flashback, we see Sameer writhing on the floor of his hotel room with his mouth gagged and naked except for his cherry-dotted shorts. Before she left, Christine planted a kiss on his cheek.

One can imagine Kunal Kemmu watching this scene as a young man and reacting to its comedic delivery. His first direction, Madgaon Expressis indebted heart desires – Actually, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani are its producers. Yet it is equally Kemmu's ambition to deflate the utopian cult heart desires, Risking your heart, says his film Winks, is also risking your clothes.

Whether he realizes that ambition is a matter for later. Pinku (Prateik Gandhi), Ayush (Avinash Tiwari) and Dodo (Divyendu Sharma) are friends since school. As happens with a lot of youngsters in India, due to budget constraints and overbearing parents, their Goa plans remain unfulfilled, and once Pinku and Ayush move abroad, it is completely out of the picture. . Dodo, who is left behind (geographically and also socially), keeps in touch through social media, creating a fake persona to impress his good friends. When Pinku and Ayush announce that they are coming to Mumbai, their Photoshop-based trickery is exposed. Scared, Dodo suggests his long-postponed trip to Goa as an alternative.

At the railway station – Dodo, who could not afford the flights, tries to dress it up as 'the real deal' – there is a casual exchange of bags. This signals a flood of comic hi-jinx to come: alcohol, cocaine, guns, criminals, police. Marathi veteran Upendra Limaye and Chhaya Kadam are hilarious as a pair of rival gangsters with a past. It's standard crime-comedy fare, but Kemmu – who also wrote the screenplay and dialogue – keeps an eye on mundane details like exorbitant car rentals in the coastal tourist state. My favorite scene is Pinku, drunk on coke, pouring his heart out to Ayush, telling him about his inter-religious relationship; It's just two friends sitting in simple chairs on a beach surrounded by summer, the kind of scene that would end up on the cutting room floor of a more expensive movie.

Madgaon Express (Hindi)

director: Kunal Khemu

mold: Pratik Gandhi, Divyendu, Avinash Tiwari, Nora Fatehi, Remo D'Souza, Upendra Limaye

run-time: 143 minutes

Story: Three thirtysomethings set out on a long-postponed trip to Goa and get caught up in a crime conspiracy

There are times when the natural rhythm Madgaon Express Derailed by excess of slapstick. The late shootout and the climactic standoff that followed required the intelligence and precision of early Priyadarshan. Kemmu, a sworn cinephile, pays tribute to every corner of popular cinema, from his cult zom-com go Goa Gone To hangover movies and The Godfather Part I, Like many first-time directors, he succumbs to the need to emphasize every moment. Some visual ideas fail – brutally choreographed fantasy numbers come to mind.

feel like hail Madgaon Express As a revisionist, drug addict Heart desires. but it's not like that. Farhan Akhtar's film was a beautifully calibrated drama, resolute in its exploration of long-lasting male adult friendship. MargaoDespite being full of genuine compassion and heart, it is very much a horror comedy in the mold of Todd Phillips. Its characters are humorously portrayed and Gandhi, Sharma and Tiwari convey an appropriately prickly friendship, but emotional attachment is perhaps a bridge too far. This film is a party, not a journey.

Madgaon Express is currently running in theaters

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