Madgaon Express Review: A Deliriously Funny Bro-Mantic Laugh Riot


Margao Express review: A hilarious bro-mantic laugh riot

A scene from the film. (courtesy: youtube)

The film could have been titled Madcap Express. Actor Kunal Khemu's first film as a director, Madgaon Express, is a wild and wacky comedy of errors that rarely, if ever, pauses for a respite. The film is extremely funny as it moves seamlessly and seamlessly between slapstick and silver-knuckled wit.

Emerging from a bloated film industry that has almost forgotten the art of genuine comedy, and coming into an age of overwhelming skepticism, Bro-manic Laugh Riot, written by the director himself, is a free-flowing mix of go Goa Gone And heart desires While firmly remaining his animal.

Madgaon ExpressProduced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani's Excel Entertainment, reminds of his spirit in important ways Heart desires. However, in terms of style and substance, this is a film that wants us to dismiss its worst mistakes with splashes of laughter, which, frankly, isn't what the Doctor probably wants us to do with the difficult, frightening times we're living through. Will order as an ointment for the time being. In.

The film revolves around three Bombay boys of the 1990s. Life is a much less stressful era, they, attracted by the simple promise of beaches, girls in bikinis and wine, dream of going on a trip to Goa. Their parents create obstacles in their work. The desire remains unfulfilled.

After college, in their 20s, they decide to defy their family and take precautions. His enthusiasm backfires. The trip to Goa has once again been postponed.

After the mischief, the three men – habitual fiend “Dodo” (Divyendu), tough, brooding boy Ayush Gupta (Avinash Tiwari) and momma's boy Prateik “Pinku” Garodiya (Prateik Gandhi) – go their separate ways. Ayush ends up in New York City and Pinku leaves for Cape Town. Both achieve success and earn money.

Dodo remains stuck in a middle-class Mumbai pad with his father, who has no patience for his wayward ways. The youth aspires to become something someday. Lost in the anonymity of social media, Dodo gets a final reality check from his father. Find a job within a week or be prepared to live on the streets.

The fantastically photoshopped world of adventures and celebrity sightings that Dodo has created for himself on “Crazybook” is in danger of collapsing. When all seems lost, two of his old friends reconnect with him and announce their plan to land in Mumbai and spend time with him in his penthouse for a few days.

There is friction in it. Like his high-flying lifestyle and the C-class limousine that he shows off in his social media posts, the luxurious pad he claims is a figment of his imagination.

He has a lot to hide. So, Dodo suggests that the three give up the idea of ​​spending time in Mumbai and move to Goa to fulfill the dream they have had since school. But he goes down the wrong path.

Trouble starts even before the journey begins. Pinku, who suffers from asthma, inadvertently turns up at a cigarette shop on the railway station platform. When they realized their mistake, they were already heading towards Margao. The bag that Pinku now has contains wads of notes and a gun. Both are real.

Chaos and confusion ensue when Ayush, Pinku and Dodo are in Goa. A cache of cocaine, a beautiful girl, Tasha (Nora Fatehi), who needs a constant supply of drugs for her parties, a female gang led by an angry Kanchan Komdi (Chhaya Kadam), drug dealer Mendoza (Upendra Limaye). and Doctor Danny (Remo D'Souza), who helps Pinku when he accidentally becomes unconscious due to an overdose, together they set off a series of accidents.

To make things worse, the police got embroiled in the matter. Three clumsy boys try their best. Kanchan and Mendoza join in the chase, throwing everything into a tangle that shows no signs of ending.

Madgaon Express It's a harshness that even with the post-climactic scenes never seeming to come close to overstaying their welcome – they interrupt the end credits in a novel, egotistical fashion – generating plenty of surprises and Forcing the audience to stay until everything is done and dusted.

Apart from a script that never ceases to deliver generous doses of hilarity, the comic timing achieved by the three actors gives life to this riotous farce. Each of the three lead actors successfully uses their own style to fit the character they play. Under the guise of a staunch skeptic, Avinash Tiwari exudes strength and determination, delighting with his measured underplaying.

Pratik Gandhi is an extremely soft-tempered person, accident-prone, allergic to dust and prone to the worst misfortune in unexpected places. He exudes a bundle of sensitivity with skill and sensitivity. A loquacious dodo who has a lot to hide from his friends as matters spin out of control, Divyendu is a real livewire. His comic abilities are the strongest among the wheels Madgaon Express Run.

The supporting cast – Nora Fatehi, Chhaya Kadam, Upendra Limaye and Remo D'Souza (who is introduced as a special appearance) – all fit the inspired madness perfectly. Madgaon ExpressA ride that doesn't end, even if some elements of it may seem to lean towards over-conscious gimmickry at times.

climb. It's worth the ticket price. all the way.


Divyendu, Avinash Tiwari, Pratik Gandhi, Chhaya Kadam, Upendra Limaye, Nora Fatehi


Kunal Khemu

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