Maha Govt Mandates Transparency: Colleges and Universities to Disclose Fees, Placements, Teacher Details

Feb 9, 2024

Mumbai: Students and parents will soon have access to a comprehensive database about colleges and universities in the state. From fees, refund policies, placements, internships, hostel facilities to scholarship opportunities, institutions have to disclose every aspect. Details of teachers including appointment type (temporary, regular or visiting), qualification, research work, experience and PhD status should also be mandatorily posted.
Following a directive from the University Grants Commission (UGC), the state government on Thursday issued a resolution directing colleges and universities to provide complete information about their institutions on their portals. Details should be uploaded 60 days before the commencement of degree college admission processAs mentioned in the Government Resolution (GR).
Colleges must publish the previous year's admission cut-offs, as well as the number of applications received and actual enrollment figures. As per GR based on UGC directive, details of any foreign collaboration including the recognition status of the partner university in the home country should also be disclosed. Additionally, an extensive list of infrastructure requirements, which includes Internet bandwidth and a video demonstrating it, is required. Every college must establish a student complaint Provide details of the Redressal Committee and the Ombudsman on your website.
The colleges' rules on imposing penalties for various violations, including the maximum penalty, should be informed in advance. While many leading colleges and universities already have some data on their portals, a large number of institutions do not provide any details on their official portals. A former university official said, “This full disclosure will reveal the worrying situation of many unaided colleges, which lack adequate qualified teachers.”
One principal mentioned that many teachers are unable to perform research along with their teaching and administrative duties, making them uncomfortable in providing all the information. Given the additional workload during election duties, the principal said, “A lot of data has been requested, and it will be challenging to upload all these details 60 days before the entry and in the government's required format.” Although details of implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) have also been requested, one principal mentioned that they are implementing it gradually, semester by semester, thereby presenting the entire eight-semester plan in one go. It has become difficult to do.

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