Mahindra Leads Electric Three-Wheeler Sales in India in FY2024 |

Feb 8, 2024

Mahindra last mile mobilityA Mahindra Mahindra subsidiary achieves significant milestone by crossing sales of over Rs 1.4 lakh in FY2014 electric vehicles, achieved a substantial market share of 9.3 percent across the country. In particular, the manufacturer is leading L5 EV range With 55.1% percent market share so far in FY2014.
Over a period of eight months, MLMML experienced significant growth, delivering 40,000 EVs due to the launch of Treo Plus and e-Alpha super rickshaw and cargo variants.
To meet the growing demand, the company says it has tripled its production capacity, with manufacturing plants currently located in Bengaluru, Haridwar and Zaheerabad.

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Currently, the company's three-wheeler EV lineup includes the Treo, Treo Plus, Treo Zor, Treo Yari, Zor Grand, e-Alpha Super and e-Alpha Cargo, which cater to various transportation needs. As a part of customer protection initiatives, the company offers the Uday programme, which provides drivers with an accident insurance cover of Rs 10 lakh for the first year when they purchase an MLMM EV.
India's last-mile mobility sector, especially three-wheelers, has seen significant growth in overall EV sales in recent years. A major driver of EV adoption in the last-mile mobility segment is lower operating costs compared to conventional ICE vehicles. EVs offer lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs, making them an attractive option for fleet operators and individual drivers.
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