Malayalam film Premalu has all the tropes and conventions of the rom-com genre: Girish AD

Feb 7, 2024

a scene of love

A scene from Premlu Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Director and co-writer Girish A.D. lovingThe film is releasing this Friday, he laughs when asked if he has the formula to make it a hit. While his directorial debut, Thanniramthan Dinangal (2019), was a huge hit, super sharanya (2022) was popular among teenagers and young adults – their target audience.

“No [laughs] I don't have any formula! I don't have a 'brand new' story to tell. When I think, as a writer, I want to tell a story that has a mood or a vibe,” he says over the phone. As we speak, the work is in the final stages of post-production. He seems to be revamping the old school rom-com genre. loving Also comes in the same style. “My films will have subversions and conventions of the (rom-com) genre but beyond that, no, there will be no formula.”

Considering the subjects his films touch on and the age group of people there, he agrees that his target audience includes college-going people. “They are non-judgmental, there is no doubt about who the actor is. If they like a movie they will embrace it, returning to watch it with their friends and family. But, I would like to clarify that people in their 40s also enjoy them; I think they have to reclaim something from their past or a sense of nostalgia. Girish is one of the directors who made the film, Thanniramthan Dinangal, With actors who were not big names at that time. The success of his films is proof that a good script, a well-told film is everything.

Girish AD on set

Girish AD on set Photo Credit: Jan

Girish's co-writer on the project is Kiran Josie, who directed the viral short film Anurag Engineering Works ,AEW, “I have known Kiran for quite some time, even before AEW, after super sharanya, We started talking about a spin off and then a spoof. We thought of following Sona (Mamita Baiju) super sharanya) Go to Hyderabad and see how their life goes. After much deliberation, we decided lovingwith a brand new character Reenu, played by Mamita Baiju.'' Since Hyderabad and Telugu were given a lot of importance in the plans and since it is set in Telangana, loving It seemed absolutely right as per the name of the film.

A touch of Hyderabad

It is set in Hyderabad because, as they say, very few Malayalam films are set there. It helped to find producers who didn't skimp. “They understood that the film had to be shot there, only then we would be able to convey the flavor and experience of that place. Most other producers would have asked why we wanted to film there. That was a huge blessing!”

Playing the lead role of the film alongside Mamita Baiju is Neslen, who is a frequent presence in Girish's films. Thanniramthan Dinangal (Melvin) to super sharanya (music). Girish explains, “How many actors do we have who can play the role of a 20-year-old college-going kid? It is comfortable to work with an actor one knows. Apart from this, he is a very good actor.'' Matthew Thomas will also be seen in the film. The film, produced by Bhavana Studios, also stars Althaf Saleem, Shyam Mohan, Akhila Bhargavan and Meenakshi Raveendran.

Can we expect amazing performances from the likes of Vineeth Srinivasan? Thanniramthan Dinangal, “No not really! Or maybe one. But you'll have to see the movie for that!”

Premalu will be released in theaters on 9 February

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