Man Shares Pizza With An Elderly Cleaner At Event, Internet Impressed


An Instagram user is receiving much love and praise from the Internet after he shared his food with a cleaner at an event. Kawaljeet Singh has posted a clip of an elderly man who was cleaning the disposables at the event. After seeing the old man, Kawaljeet Singh “approached him and invited him to share a meal”. The clip begins with him passing a plate, full of what seems like malai soya chaap with green mint chutney and sliced onion, to the man. Not only this, Kawaljeet also offers pizza. The old man seems hesitant and “expressed fear of repercussions” from his employer. Listening to this, Kawaljeet can be heard asking him to not stress about it. The clip concluded with Kawaljeet revealing that the old man earns Rs 400 a day.
Sharing the clip, Kawaljeet Singh wrote, “Today, I attended an event and came across an elderly gentleman diligently cleaning up the trash. Unable to resist the urge, I approached him and invited him to share a meal, particularly pizza, with us. Initially hesitant, he expressed fear of repercussions from his superiors. After putting him at ease, I persuaded him to join our gathering, and thankfully, he agreed. The exchange was incredibly moving, filled with heartfelt blessings and emotions. It served as a powerful reminder that even in old age, individuals can work tirelessly for their families. This experience is a poignant message to the youth, urging them to witness such inspirational moments and understand that everyone, regardless of age, can contribute to their loved ones with hard work and dedication.”
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People, after watching the clip, have given a shout-out to Kawaljeet Singh. The video has 12 million views.

A comment read, “Good work sir.”

A user said, “Humanity still exists.”

“Good job bro…God bless you, big brother you are the second god for him,” another commented.

A few called him, “A man with a golden heart.”

Some urged him to continue his good deed and wrote, “Keep it up bhai.”

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