Martin Scorsese settles lawsuit with screenwriter after allegedly not delivering on $500,000 agreement


Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese Photo Credit: Aude Guerucci

Veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese has reached a settlement in a lawsuit brought against him by Simon Afram, an aspiring screenwriter who alleged that Scorsese took $500,000 without fulfilling the agreement. The lawsuit, filed in May 2023, accused Scorsese of doing essentially nothing after being hired as executive producer for Afram's World War II film screenplay. Operation: Persistence,

“Defendants never made Mr. Scorsese available for a single phone call, meeting or other conversation,” the lawsuit alleges.

Ephraim and his co-producer, Edward Kahl, sought Scorsese's involvement to attract A-list talent to Europe and begin production. However, according to the plaintiffs, Scorsese failed to get involved in the project, refusing meetings and calls despite repeated attempts. Ultimately he requested a refund but was unsuccessful.

In response, Scorsese's lawyers argued that Afram lacked industry experience and had unrealistic expectations, highlighting his limited track record and the lengthy development process typical in filmmaking. He argued that Scorsese had identified potential directors for the project and reached out to them, although without success.

The legal battle continued for almost a year until both parties announced a settlement. Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

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