Masaba Gupta Enjoys Eating Her First Mango Of The Season, Calls It “A Very, Very Important Day”


For those who love mangoes, this juicy fruit is so much more than just food. Mango is a symbol of joy, and for mango enthusiasts like fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta, “Mango is Life.” In a recent Instagram post, Masaba documents “a very, very important day” when she eats her first mango of the season. Looking stunning in a pink dress while sitting on the couch, Masaba says, “Hi guys, so it is a very, very important day today because I am having my first mango of the season.” Furthermore, she adds that she won’t be eating the mango directly but rather on a buttery toast “full of gluten.” She says, “It is not just any mango; it is aam on toast. It is the best thing ever. I am going to show you how I make it.”
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Beginning the ‘Aam Toast’ tutorial, Masaba says, “So it’s very uncomplicated or as complicated as you would like to make it.” She takes two slices of toasted bread and remarks, “white toast, none of the fancy stuff, full of gluten.” Next, she spreads a “generous amount of butter” and finally puts half a mango on the toast. After showcasing her toast, she eats it with lots of happiness. The caption reads, “Haters will say this reel is pointless but have you ever had Aam on Toast!? Enjoyed making this reel too much. Life is Mango, and Mango is Life.”

Watch the video here:

The comments section is flooded with interesting reactions to Masaba’s video.

Producer and Stylist Rhea Kapoor could not stop laughing at this clip. In a series of comments, she wrote, “You’ve completely lost it. You’ve fully dressed up. Just see what you’ve worn for this.”
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Masaba replied, “YOLO, ok,” adding that Sonam Kapoor “is gonna try this you see.” Sonam commented, “Looks good… Maybe add chocolate spread also ha.”

Have you ever tried ‘Aam Toast’ or are looking forward to trying this combo after watching Masaba’s video? Share with us in the comments section.

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