Massive stone head crushes Tesla in Mexico


New Delhi: A huge stone head looks like an ancient indigenous sculpture placed over crushed tesla car In Mexico City, sculptor Chavis Marmol behind this art installation Said he did this to provoke Tesla CEO Elon Musk.
Marmol, a 42-year-old artist who prefers bicycles to cars, used a crane to drop the nine-ton carving onto a blue Tesla 3, which took inspiration from the carving of the giant head. Olmec civilization, This statue is now kept in the premises of a boutique hotel in Roma district.
A video from the Colima 71 hotel captures the moment a stone head was dropped on the car after the battery was removed, causing its roof to collapse. Marmol intended to take a dig at Musk through this artwork by emphasizing the importance of technology over ancient artistry. He said, 'Look what I do to your poor car with this amazing head. It's bigger than you and broader technologies.'
The idea for this unconventional art piece came to fruition during a conversation between Marmol and the hotel's artistic director, Ana Margarita Onge. Onge shared that Marmol's dream of placing an Olmec head on a Tesla sparked the collaborative project.
Getting the $40,000 Tesla to the Mexican market was a challenge, which was overcome with the help of an anonymous donor.
Selecting stone for the sculpture with distinctive Olmec characteristics posed another obstacle. The installation process was carefully conducted to maintain an aura of mystery and generate curiosity. Onge highlighted the importance of Tesla's presence in Mexico and its intention to inspire reflection on Musk's impact on society.

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