MDU Students Shine in Republic Day Parade, Aspire for Bright Futures

Feb 5, 2024

ROHTAK: Two Maharshi Dayanand University students, Dikshita Gulia and Akansha, stood proudly among the distinguished 200 female volunteers of the National Service Scheme (NSS) contingent, showcasing their march-past skills on Kartavya Path during the Republic Day celebrations.
Hailing from the villages of Jhajjar and Sonipat, these MDU students, who recently returned from Delhi, shared a transformative and empowering experience during their participation in the Republic Day parade.
Talking to TOI, Dikshita, a native of Badhsa village in Jhajjar district, elaborated on the rigorous selection process, which involved screening at the college, university, state, and pre-Republic Day levels. She mentioned that after a month of rigorous rehearsal and practice, the selected 200 female volunteers, including herself and Akansha, walked on Kartavya Path alongside the contingent of the Indian armed forces.
Akansha highlighted that NSS volunteers were chosen based on their commitment to social work, such as participating in cleanliness drives, awareness campaigns, and shouldering responsibilities towards society. She shared her personal involvement in adopting children from slum colonies in Sonipat, where she ensures their educational needs are met.
Recalling their training and camping period for the Republic Day parade, the Rohtak varsity students mentioned the early morning wake-up calls and extensive practice sessions that instilled discipline, teamwork, dedication, and a strong value system. They expressed gratitude for the experience, emphasizing how it has transformed them from ordinary individuals to extraordinary contributors.
Both students, originally from rural backgrounds, asserted that the Republic Day parade had instilled immense confidence in them, propelling them to strive for greater achievements in their lives. Dikshita expressed her aspiration to become an IAS officer, while Akansha shared her ambition to join the army as a lieutenant.
Reflecting on the Republic Day parade, they recounted the shower of praises from the President, Vice-President, and Prime Minister, acknowledging the pivotal role of women power in shaping the future of the country.

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