Meet Chennai-based cardiovascular surgeon Dheeraj, also the hero of a Tamil film


Dheeraj in a scene from 'Double Tucker'

Dheeraj in a scene from 'Double Tucker' Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

By the time we call Dheeraj, his bypass surgery is complete. “The patient is fine,” he tells me cheerfully.

The 42-year-old popular cardiovascular surgeon has a busy week: apart from taking care of his patients, he is also completing last-minute formalities for the release of his upcoming Tamil film, which will hit the screens on April 5.

Topic double tuckerThe film stars Dr. Dheeraj Reddy in the lead role, along with two angels named 'Left' and 'Right', who have been brought to the big screen thanks to animation. Directed by Meera Mahadhi and starring actors like Smriti Venkat, Kovai Sarala and MS Baskar, it promises to be a fun story about life after death. “After all, laughter is the best medicine,” says Dheeraj.

Dheeraj in 'Double Tucker'

Dheeraj in 'Double Tucker'

Travel double tucker It started with a statement that was supposed to last five minutes, but lasted an hour. He recalls, “During the entire story, I could not control my laughter.” The idea of ​​casting Yam and Chitragupta in the initial story was Yogi Babu and Munishkant, but it was vetoed because Yogi Babu Had already played a similar character in some other project. That's when the concept of angels came into existence. Every step of the way I kept asking this question: Why should people see this movie? This helped in improving the story. Children are our target audience.”

Music director Vidyasagar's tunes will be a great asset for him. double tucker, says Dheeraj. “I know him personally, and even before assembling this project, I told him that he would be its composer. He has created magic with the music and background score.

Although Dheeraj always wanted to become a doctor, he also secretly nurtured a passion for acting. “My mother was clear that I should become a doctor,” he reveals. But after achieving his goal – he studied for 11 years to complete his medical education, which included MBBS, MS and MCh – Dheeraj Considered acting as his second passion. This was followed by a few short films, one of which was titled Feel-Good Film May you be patient. But that was his role in 2019 Bodhai Yeri Buddhi Maari Which opened the doors for patience. “I kept thinking people's reaction would be, 'Why should a doctor make such an effort?' But I was pleasantly surprised to hear many positive comments about my performance. This inspired her to balance both her activities and the result was double tucker, releasing this week. “I want to register myself as an actor who can play any character on screen,” he says. “I hope to do so as long as I continue with my medical profession and cinema. I can maintain a balance between.

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