Mike Tyson to play himself in new superhero film ‘Bunny Man’

Feb 8, 2024

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Photo Credit: @miketyson/Instagram

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is all set to play his character in an off-beat superhero film bunny man, The film will be shot in Italy.

According to DiversityThe former heavyweight boxing champion attended a press conference in the northern city of Turin on Tuesday to make the announcement along with Italian producer Andrea Iervolino and writer Enrico Remmert. bunny-manWhich will be shot entirely in Turin.

bunny-man As per the given synopsis, it involves a millionaire superhero who anonymously strikes out against evil forces wearing a rabbit mask. He is motivated by a desire to avenge his sister, who committed suicide after suffering a violent act, pictures of which went viral on the internet.

Iervolin, whose production credits include Michael Mann ferrariJohnny Depp-starrer waiting for the barbarians And Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend, is producing the film through his TaTaTu shingle. “We are excited to embark on this innovative project, 95% of which will be shot on virtual sets,” Iervolino said in a statement.

they added it with bunny-man “We are redefining the boundaries of cinematographic creativity with the goal of providing audiences with a unique experience.”

“We're also proud to have a legend like Mike Tyson in our cast, who will definitely help bunny-man Even more special,” the producer noted. No details were given on Tyson's role.

Tyson had played himself in films before The Hangover, The Hangover Part 2. More information about the film's director and the rest of the cast has been kept under wraps.

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