Miracle Rescue: Child Found Alive After Philippine Landslide |

Feb 9, 2024

Manila: A child was rescued on Friday, about 60 hours after being hit by a landslide. gold mining village It has been hailed as a “miracle” in the southern Philippines. the explorers Had given up hope of finding anyone alive.
The girl, whose age has not been disclosed, was one of more than 100 people missing after rain-triggered landslides in the village killed at least 11 people.
Edward Macapili, a disaster agency official in Davao de Oro province, told AFP that she was found when rescuers used their bare hands and shovels to search for survivors in the village of Masara on the southern Mindanao island.
“It's a miracle,” Macapili said, adding that searchers believe the missing people are probably dead.
“This gives hope to rescue workers. A child's resilience is usually less than that of an adult, yet the child survived.”
A video of a rescue worker holding a crying, mud-covered child in his arms was shared on Facebook.
“We can see from the social media posts that the child has no apparent injuries,” Macapili said.
He said the girl's father saw his daughter before taking her to a medical facility for examination.
The landslide occurred on Tuesday night, destroying homes and hitting three buses and a jeepney waiting to pick up workers from the gold mine.
Official figures show that at least 11 people were killed and 31 injured, while more than a hundred people are still missing.
Searchers were racing against time to find anyone else alive in the dense mud as rain fell in the area on Friday.
While rescue workers were using heavy earth-moving equipment in places, they had to rely on their bare hands and shovels in areas where they believed bodies were.
The help of sniffer dogs is also being taken to locate people buried in mud and debris.
Landslides are a frequent threat across much of the archipelago country due to the mountainous terrain, heavy rainfall and large-scale deforestation caused by mining, slash-and-burn farming and illegal logging.
It has been raining intermittently for weeks in parts of Mindanao, causing dozens of landslides and floods that have forced thousands of people into emergency shelters.
Major earthquakes have also destabilized the region in recent months.
Fearing further landslides, hundreds of families from Masara and four surrounding villages have had to leave their homes and take shelter in emergency centres.
Schools across the municipality have suspended classes.
Macapili said the area affected by the landslide had been declared a “no build zone” after previous landslides in 2007 and 2008.
“People were asked to leave the place and were given a resettlement area, but people are so tough and they returned,” he said.

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