Monica Raymund and Rebecca Cutter on Hightown Season 3: ‘We’re going out with a bang’


Monica Raymund in a scene from Hightown Season 3

Monica Raymund in a scene from Hightown Season 3 | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

crime drama hightown, tells the story of National Marine Fisheries Service agent Jackie Quinones, who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. She is investigating the opioid epidemic spreading in Provincetown, Massachusetts. According to producer Rebecca Cutter, Jackie, played by Monica Raymund, came to her in a “fever dream”.

“I just knew that the character could be the center of a show,” says Rebecca over a video call from Los Angeles, USA. I wanted to develop her from there and then, thank God, Monica came in and made her real. It has been a blessed journey from the beginning.”

Monica says, thanks to Rebecca, a lot of preparation was done for this role. “He told me about Jackie's origin story, its context and circumstances. It was with Rebecca's insight that we created the character. I didn't even know anything about Provincetown, so Rebecca was my leader there, (laughs) teaching me about the area and living there.

talking percentage

Jackie is a complex character with her relationship troubles and her struggle to stay calm while dealing with a high-pressure, risky job. On how much Monica is in Jackie and how much is the script, the 37-year-old actor laughed and said, “I think, more like 50-50, or 90-10! When actors play characters, we always bring a part of ourselves to the role. I felt connected to Jackie because I understood what she was going through. I understand how we try to deal with things that aren't going our way. How one finds purpose is also Jackie's story. She's trying to figure out what her purpose is, sometimes making mistakes along the way.

James Badge Dale, Rebecca Cutter and Monica Raymund

James Badge Dale, Rebecca Cutter and Monica Raymund | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Elaborating on the similarities between himself and Jackie, good wife The actor smiles widely and says, “Well, she loves to party and so do I. Jackie is constantly trying to know her true nature. And like Jackie, that's what I'm trying to do all the time as an adult. There are times when I know exactly what my purpose is and that motivates me and there are times when I lose it.'

she's got the look

Monica says, creating Jackie's look was a process. “Between Rebecca, our pilot director, Rachel Morrison, a few producers, and myself, we made sure we were telling the same story. The look was messy, rock and roll. She is a player and loves to have fun in parties. It was fun to translate that vibe into hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Rebecca Cutter and Monica Raymund

Rebecca Cutter and Monica Raymund | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Rebecca says that Jackie's look is also like working class. “We had to find a mix between the small town and the modern, urban atmosphere.”

last stir

Season 3 is the final season of the show. “All the characters reach their final destination,” says Rebecca. “There are lots of twists, turns and turns along the way but all the characters end up in a place that is at once shocking and inevitable. Seems like “It will be satisfying to see where everyone ends up.”

Rebecca says it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to the white people of Hightown. “I'm very proud of what we did. We're going out with a bang. We are leaving the show at the right place but of course, it is sad. We are a family, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the show.

James Badge Dale and Monica Raymund in Hightown Season 3

James Badge Dale and Monica Raymund in Hightown Season 3 | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Monica agrees that it was a personal and meaningful project. “I will always remember this. That being said, this is the best and most exciting third season of television.

On the question of whether there is a possibility of a spinoff, prequel or follow-up, Rebecca laughs and says, “From your lips to God's ears. This is above our pay grade. We love working together and I would definitely love to write more about Jackie.”

All three seasons of Hightown currently stream on Lionsgate Play

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