More than 200 Nigerian students released after abduction in northern Kaduna


New Delhi: more than 200 kidnapped students And employees in northern Nigeria have been released unharmed days before the deadline to pay a $690,000 ransom, the office says Kaduna Governor Said on Sunday.
The incident that occurred in Kuriga, Kaduna on March 7 was the first case of mass kidnapping More than 150 students were evacuated from a high school in the dusty city in Africa's most populous country since 2021.
A decade ago, jihadist groups boko haram It was the first to carry out a school kidnapping in Nigeria, that of 276 students from a girls' school in Chibok, Borno State.
Some girls remain unpublished. criminal gangPeople unrelated to the ideology have since adopted this tactic for ransom. Kaduna Governor Uba Sani mentioned the National Security Adviser's role in coordinating the release of the Kuriga schoolchildren, but did not provide details.
“The Nigerian Army also deserves special praise for showing that with courage, determination and commitment, criminal elements can be disarmed and restore security In our communities,” Sani said.
The gunmen recently demanded 1 billion naira ($690,000) for the release of missing children and staff. The government, after outlawing ransom payments in 2022, declined to comply.
However, kidnapping for ransom by criminal groups has become a frequent occurrence, especially in northern Nigeria.
Families and communities have been devastated, having to exhaust resources and sell assets to secure the release of their loved ones.
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