MS Dhoni’s “Knees Are Getting Worn Out”: Ex-CSK Star’s Massive Comment, Says “If He Was On Wheelchair…”


MS Dhoni will be back in action on the cricket field when IPL 2024 starts in Chennai on March 22. The first match of the edition will see MS Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings face Royal Challengers Bangalore. This will be the first time after the IPL 2023 final that MS Dhoni will be seen in action. After leading CSK to a record-equalling fifth IPL title, all eyes will be on MS Dhoni to lead his team to a sixth title.

There is speculation whether IPL 2024 will be Dhoni's last. Former cricketers, some of whom have played with MS Dhoni, discussed their future on Jio Cinema.

Talking about MS Dhoni's association with CSK, his long-time former teammate Suresh Raina said: The best thing about MS is that he comes to Chennai a month or three weeks before the IPL. He bats for about two to three hours in humid conditions and does gym training. There's a lot of bonding within the team during this time and I think it's something magical.”

Anil Kumble on the similarity between Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, “I never played with MS in the IPL. When I played with him in the Indian team, he was the first person to lift me up. I think he is the strongest Were.” So much for lifting heavyweights. It was a wonderful moment for me. I remember, when I was the coach and he was the captain, we were in Ranchi for an optional practice session for a one-day game, he did not need to come because Ranchi is his hometown. But he was there for the session. I said, 'What are you doing?' We still have a few days before the next game. He said, 'No, I just want to be around.' That's him. Sachin was also the same. When I was with Mumbai Indians, Sachin played cricket for about 25 or 26 years. But on alternate days, he would be the first one to board the bus. These two guys, I don't think I can take a break. I wouldn't be surprised if MS continues to play for CSK, as this is his alternate season. He's very emotional, he wants to be there.

Former CSK player Robin Uthappa on what motivated MS Dhoni to retire, said: “CSK will let him play even if he is in a wheelchair! Get off the wheelchair, bat and then go back. But I Doesn't do that.” I don't think batting is an issue for him, I don't think batting will ever be an issue for him. I think it's wicketkeeping. Knees are wearing out and he likes keeping. So, because he won't be able to stand there and add value, he will likely move on from the game for some other reason.

Eoin Morgan, when asked when Dhoni might retire, said, “He's the type of guy who writes his own script. It's a realization thing for him, most likely. If his knees hurt, Robbie “, then maybe he will do that as time goes on.” He wants to remain in the position in which he has placed the franchise because he always wants the franchise to be successful. He is so generous with his time, with his honor, that he would like someone to come and take over. ,

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